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To a beautiful yet terrifying abandoned Western-style house

Corridor is a next-generation horror attraction where you walk around in a VR world.
In addition to the “new sensation” of being able to see yourself and your companions in the virtual space through the ingenuity of Tyffon’s original technology, and the high quality CG production, we have achieved an “overwhelming sense of immersion” in the virtual world by setting up vibrations for each scene at multiple locations in the attraction.

Holding the lantern in one hand, you walk in the direction indicated by the magic circle drawn on the floor in the VR, and head for the goal. If you hold the lantern up at certain points during the experience, you can also enjoy actions such as illuminating dark places, operating elevators, and burning pictures and newspapers.



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Director / Producer:Ken Fukazawa

Engineer:Shunsuke Murakami, Terukazu Sasaki, Teruyuki Nakahashi, Ryo Izawa,
Tomonori Hasuike, Hironobu Ryo, Kazuya Ito

Concept Artist / Character Designer: Ken Fukazawa

CG Artist:Shunsaku Matsurida, Misa Ikeuchi, Takahiro Takahashi

Sound DesignerYichuan Shao