2017.7.15 START

A next generation walk-through horror attraction,
which goes beyond VR that allows you to experience a true Magic Reality.


You open your eyes to find yourself in a once splendid mansion, descended into ruin.

As a result of a tragedy that took place long ago, this house has become entwined with another world - the Abyss.

As you are chased by the Undead, who inhabit the Abyss,
you will run helplessly through corridors that transform into hell.


Using the Magic Reality system developed by Tyffon, you are able to immerse yourself fully into an extraordinary world.

Using a head mounted display equipped with a camera, several users can walk freely seeing each other as they are and view their surroundings, creating an immersion experience far surpassing the conventional VR.


You can now experience it in the following places.